Sophie is an active researcher working on 20th-century ballet and American music.


Her major focus to date has been on Leonard Bernstein's ballets, but her interests are wide and encompass all forms of music theatre and a broad range of 19th- and 20th-century music. 


Below are some of her publications and contributions:

Bernstein and Robbins: The Early Ballets​ 

Eastman Studies in Music, University of Rochester Press; 323pp.


Drawing extensively on documents in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC and New York Public Library for the Performing ArtsBernstein and Robbins: The Early Ballets, tells the story of the creation, first performances, and reception of the ballets Fancy Free and Facsimile in detail for the very first time. 


It reveals the vital and sometimes conflicting role of Ballet Theatre, how the ballets got to the stage, how Bernstein composed the scores, and the legacy of these works for all involved. The result is a new understanding of Bernstein, Robbins, and this period of their lives.

The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia, eds. Edward Campbell and Peter O'Hagan (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021).


Entries authored: Choreography, Choreographers and Dancers; Ballet Dancing and Stravinsky; The American Ballet; Ballets Ida Rubinstein; Adolph Bolm; Pierre Brasseur; Enrico Cecchetti; Lucia Chase; Anton Dolin; Mikhail Fokine; Elie Gagnebin; Berenice Holmes; Stansilav Idzikowski; Tamara Karsavina; Lincoln Kirstein; Serge Lifar; Lydia Lopokova; Alicia Markova; Léonide Massine; Bronislava Nijinska; Vaslav Nijinsky; Zhenya Nikitina; Alexander Orlov; Ruth Page; Maria Piltz; George and Ludmilla Pitoëff; Marie Rambert; Elise Reiman; Nicolas Remisoff; Ida Rubinstein; Lydia Sokolova; Jean Villard

'Old Divisions and New Debates: Music Criticism in Post-War America', in The Cambridge History of Music Criticism, ed. Christopher Dingle (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019).